Just for You


I let the mosquitos bite my body; it seems that my blood is a tasty treat for them. I’m sitting near the window, looking outside the dark horizon of the place. The skies are starless; cloudless. The moon is freely showing itself to me; mocking me. I can hear its laugh and I want to kill it.

I eye the area below and wherever my vision can reach. No godlike human. I hug my knees and rest my chin on my right kneecap.

A memory flash before me. You were holding my hand, scared to let me go. Your smooth, plump lips touched my skin and I couldn’t help, but to smile. You caressed my cheeks with your thumbs and rested your forehead on mine; your nose on mine. I could feel your hot breath; scent its minty whiff. “I’ll come back. Just for you.” Your dark, sensual voice triggered the coal inside me. You said you were going to go to your homeland for two weeks. It was hard to balance blue, lust and pure happiness. I asked you to promise to me you’ll return and you complied. It was all that I wanted at the moment.

Six months have passed and I’m still here for you. I close my doors for others; shut my eyes and heart to them. My hands are already bruised, but they won’t let go. My heart is already bleeding, but it won’t stop beating. My soul is turning to black mist, but it won’t believe. My mind is tired, but it won’t quit running.

I can feel my own tears running down my cheeks, straight to my heart. I don’t swipe it away. I love their touch and knowledge; I love it how they have continually felt sympathetic to me.

Six months have passed and I’m still hoping. I’m still thinking you need more time for your family. Dear, I’ll still wait even if the coldest ice begins to ignite in me. And all of these just for you.


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  1. I really like your style of writing, especially the way you’ve used the point of view in the best possible manner. The descriptions were lovely, and conveyed all the underlying emotions effectively. I enjoyed reading this. Good luck and happy writing!


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