Fuel for Driving (Daily Prompt)

“If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?” – Daily Prompt

The scent of strong coffee tickles my nostrils. I cannot help, but to smile. “You seem to be happy today. Why?” Rage, my long-time friend, asks.

I cannot contain my excitement anymore. “Rage, I got accepted at a publishing house!” I yell. A thousand eyes from the coffee shop stares at us and Rage shushes me, holding a smile. “Goodness, that is great! Congratulations! We should celebrate!” His smile momentarily fades. “But, the salary will not be enough for your rent. Are you still going to take it?”

I shake my head at him. “When you find your fuel, you will not stop as it will drive you to your destination and will be in repeat again. I’ve already got it. I will throw out the money in this case. When I entered the publishing house for the interview, my arrow hit the target.

Writing, Rage, and nothing more, for today. There will be built walls in my journey, but I will always have my fires burning them. There will be poisoned shields along the way, though I will always be prepared with my swords and own shield. Rage, I would rather take the passion in where I know will keep me on my feet, than have a position in where I know will only dry my blood to death.”

Rage laughs. “Perfect. A perfect job for you.” I snicker at him.


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