Two Doors Left

Krist’s breath was ragged. He momentarily stopped and put his hands on his knees. His all black clothing was already soaked with his own waters. He swiped the sweat beads on his forehead. He exhaled loudly, after.

The hallway was colored with white and illuminated with white incandescent. The hall had no way out except for the two black doors at each end of the space. Krist took out the paper from the left pocket of his black pants.

“To the left, you will meet
  A never-ending beat
Of daggers and swords and heat
As your dish of treat.

To the right, you will feel
The crashing waves from the hill
That gives you a gift of slow kill
Of yourself and all your heel.”

Krist bit his lower lip. He had no choice left as the time was already running out. If he did not choose one, he will see himself and his flesh painting the whole walls with thick, red colors. He did not know that the unpaid debts from Glause, his best friend, would result to some sick game.

“15 seconds left.” A female voice informed.

Krist tore the paper in his hands. Rage infused his body. He already had his verdict. Even if both doors would end up into one final outcome, he would rather choose to taste some mellow tune. He hoped he would see Glause in Hell with him.

“3… 2… 1…”

Krist opened the right door, just as the whole room exploded, and met a house full of cold liquids that coiled his body, knocked out the air of his lungs and trapped his breathing.


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