1It had been two years since the last time I saw Janis. I remembered how painful our parting was. She found me on her sister’s bed, bare, and she assumed that something happened between us. She did not believe me when I said, “Nothing happened.” She stood on her ground and decided to take my soul with her.

Today, I accidentally bumped her in a coffee shop and we decided to visit the river near the park. We sat on our favorite spot and let the sunset witness our little reunion.

“So, how are you?” Her soft voice still gave me flames to keep.

“I’m doing good. With all these works in the publishing house and preparations for my marriage, I am a bit stressed, but I can still manage. How about you?” I told her lightheartedly.

“Same. I’m engaged, but we are still going to wait for a year for our marriage. I’ve got an exclusive deal with an art gallery.” She smiled to me and I itched to take her into my arms.

“Wow, Janis. That’s…great, really”

“Yeah. A dream come true, Fort.” We shared a small laugh, and I felt the air began to change.

I noticed the anxiousness in Janis as she looked at her watch and bit her lip. “Hey, I need to go. Robert’s waiting for me at the train station for our trip, so, it’s nice seeing you again. Really.” She stood up immediately and I followed.

“Wait.” I called to her and she stopped, but did not turn around. “I have one last question for you, Janis. Just this one and I’ll let you go.” I swallowed. “If you are given a chance, would you take us back?”

The birds chirped nearby and the winds danced around the space. The sunset’s rays touched our skin and I hope that heat was all I needed. But I knew that I needed answers to regain my heat.

Without turning around, she answered, “Yes.” Her voice cracked and she ran away.

I did not follow.

A flare of hope ignited inside me, but I paused as I thought about my future wife and her future husband. We were going to settle in a different house, and a different body. We were going to receive and give different love. We were traveling different roads, but still hoping we could have an intersection.

I could feel the flare becoming a fire. I smiled to myself. I was having a wrong thought, but I did not care. I would treasure it.

Maybe one day, just maybe, Janis and I would be in a same home.

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