Written and Shown

writtenI sat two, long tables away from it. I held a book in my hand, but I was not reading it. Through the book’s top, I look at it. It was an odd book. Sure, it was dusty and leather-bound, but there was something different about it that stood out among the rest. It was vintage and old-scented, I guessed. It was sleeping above the shelf and before the eyes of the people in the library.

It was beautiful.

Though people passed by it, some with a sickened look plastered on their faces. They were, instead, nabbing books filled with colored covers and nonsense words. I could see their smiles as they gushed about the books in their hands. For them, I could assure, it would put them into the limelight. It was what was everybody’s talking about, the books they were holding. They thought it was a passport.

They were blind about the leather-bound book.

It was ignored by ignorant people. I smirked from my spot, my mouth was covered by the book I was holding. I watched longer until two students stopped before the leather-bound book. I leaned my right ear and body forward, eavesdropping.

“That’s just disgusting!” The first girl said.

“I know! There may be horror creatures in there, so we better head out!” The second girl whisper-yelled. They walked away from it with a disgust look on their face.

I pitied them.

Everyone in this library.

Including me.

We were too dark to see the light.

One day, I hoped, we could all see first what was written, and not what was shown.


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  1. Many of us judge books by their covers. The cover may be nothing to write home about but the book will be a real treasure and vice versa. So let us not judge a book only by its cover. It is true that an attractive book cover can also have an attractive content; but we have to go beyond the attractive cover or the unattractive cover and get to the content. This can be extended to other hings in life. As we say, all that glitters is not gold.

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    1. Well-said. I agree with what you have said. Though it is already one of our human nature and we need a great time for a gradual change. I hope we all see the light, in the end. Thank you very much and may God be with you always. – Matthew


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