We Can

WE CANIt was a beautiful, sorrowful afternoon.

The rocks were quietly sleeping and the trees were mourning. I sat on the ground and looked at the sky. The orange streaks along the canvass brought tears to my eyes.

It was finally a goodbye.

I was the only one alive, after my family died in a car crash. I felt helpless today; alone, even. I clutched my hands at my side and bit my lip. Tears rushed to my cheeks as I closed my eyes.

I felt a hand gripped mine and I opened my eyes, not looking who sat beside me.

“We can live.” His deep, husky voice said. He understood me; he was the pen against my paper and the poetry across my unsaid stories. He was the summer of my winter and the spring of my fall.

“We can live.” I repeated, knowing I will do this for them.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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