Both (Flash Fiction)

1Rose scented perfume coated her skin. Spicy and tangy scent touched his skin.

Both standing before a tall mirror; both looking at their reflections.

She donned her black stilettos. He removed his Italian leather shoes.

She fixed her blond-brown hair, adding hairsprays and waves. He strewn his black, thick hair.

She applied a red lipstick on her lips and pouted; satisfied with the outcome. He ran his thumb across his lower lip.

She put on some mascara on her eyelashes. He slightly rubbed his eyes.

When done, she touched her cheeks and gave her reflection a Cheshire cat smile. He dashed his hands on his face.

Both momentarily closed their eyes and breathed out; both opened their eyes finding nothing new, but knew something old was growing inside both systems.

She made her way to the bed – stepping out from her pink silk robe – and pushed the sheets before crawling inside. A warmth embraced her cold skin. He made his way to the bed – removing his watch and glasses – and shoved the sheets before crawling inside. A heat danced across his freezing skin.

They were husband and wife.

Both warmth they had felt did not belong to either. Both bodies slept with somebody else’s body. Both knew they were doing something wrong, but both knew this was where it felt right.


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