Sunday Morning (Flash Fiction)

Dining Room

The Perfect Daughter faced the mirror and ironed her wrinkled white dress through her hands. She checked her ponytail and angled her face to examine herself. She truly looked perfect with her blonde hair, plump and red lips, slightly pointed nose, thick eyelashes, well-crafted eyebrows, and a pair of ocean blue eyes. She was an angel delivered from heaven.

She walked to the dining room and found her mother, looking pale and dull. There were food everywhere; delicious and mouthwatering dishes for her parents’ anniversary. It was beautifully done.

There were three sets of everything: plates, spoons and forks, wine glasses, bread knives, and tablecloths; but there were only two people sitting.

“Mom, let’s eat!” The Perfect Daughter’s voice was filled with enthusiasm.

Her Mother looked at her, teary-eyed, and said, “But he’s not here. He died last year in an accident you caused, remember? We didn’t want you to marry Rex because of his reputation, but you insisted and looked what happened. He left you for your sister…” The Mother felt a sting on her cheek and she shrieked; her tears were flowing now.

“Mother, I said eat.” Her voice was cold and lifeless. “I said eat.” There was a rising tension. “Eat, Mother! Eat!” The Perfect Daughter stood and spooned a serving. She forcibly opened her Mother’s mouth and plunged the food inside, repeating the action until her Mother flailed. She screamed and her Mother received another two slaps.

“Is it so hard to eat, Mother?! Why can’t you just listen to me, old woman!” The Perfect Daughter threw the spoon on the table and grabbed her wine glass; she threw it on the wall. “I could have killed you too, if you have just joined us! It’s your fault Rex left me; it’s your fault.” She sobbed uncontrollably and she fell on the floor.

It was a very beautiful Sunday morning, with the sun kissing the floors of their house and giving colors to its land; but it seemed that it had forgotten to set the shades and hues inside the home of the Perfect Daughter and her Mother.



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