Oceans Before (A Flash Fiction)

Oceans Before

Our seas hit it off right after we met. The tremendous rush of aliveness suffered great when we could not let our smiles down and our laughs softer. The way your velvet skin grazed mine when you just feel the need to, when you brushed your teeth against your lower lip just because I stared hungrily at you, when you try to hide your beam and it pushed out your perfect dimples as I grin at you—every scene was a remembered data.

Along our way, we formed oceans—beautiful ones. The deep blue colored waters gently caressed us. It was a world I did not think I could have. Though just as the oceans descended to sleep in ever for the better, the odd angles of the planet shook when two disturbed plates collided—resulting to a tremble of the water bodies. The vibrations were sending strong signals and we felt it took our figures. Our eyes began to change from blue to black and our hands were slowly unlatching. We were drowning, and things began to turn around and dressed.

The days became shorter and nights became longer, freezing our wounded hearts and temporarily patching our bleeding souls. The devils in our body rose above our heads and controlled our minds. We began to spit fire and just let it—never doing our best to kill it. Time to time, our skins were getting red—then, being peeled by our own actions and words.

Your golden colors began to rust and it oozed out of the split of your outer covering—the hot liquid blended with my own rusts when it reached my open cuts. And then we cried—laying in our own blood while trying to reach each other’s hand. Still, dear, it was not enough to halt the fire that killed us. Please remember not to blame the collision of the plates, but our choice—to be shaken by a strong magnitude and to let it have us be carried below.

With our dying body hanging far from each other, my thoughts began to swim across the oceans.

If we did not meet before, would we end up in the pain we had today?



let me hold your words before you leave;

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