I will skip salutations because I don’t need it here. As we almost all of us know, April is considered as the National Poetry Month. I was thinking yesterday that words with dark auras are not given enough attention due to fear of its truth.

Today, I invite everyone to start and share your confessions through Poetry.

Your confessions do not have to be embarrassing–as the word confession is often related with this definition–but I encourage you to confess your dark sides–your fictional or non-fictional side who wants to do forbidden things.

As a believer of short words, write your confessions with only a few words (not reaching 30 words). Make it dark, witty, dirty, and another self of you.

You can use typography or plainly write it as a blog post. Anything, as long as you confess.

Dear reader, share this to the world–Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all. Just include or use the tag or hashtag #MyConfession if you want to participate.

In order to freely know yourself, you have to share a bit of hidden self. Your confessions can be fictional as dark thoughts are always welcome, but it can also be non-fictional. It is your choice; I don’t want to choke you, anyway.

I am not forcing you to join or pleasing you about this. It is just a will of mine that dark poetries can serve better wisdom.

Share this, my dear. Encourage others to let go of their darkness through the art of poetry. I hope you will participate and be an advocate of confessional poetry.

Confess yourself.

let me hold your words before you leave;

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