Repetition (A Flash Fiction)
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She was swimming against the crashing waves, but never drowning. The cages of her heart constricted as she belted out the words to me. “I told you that I don’t want chicken for dinner, but you still cooked it! Has insanity got the best of you?! Did the word ‘deal’ give you a different definition?! Are you that dumb?!”

I looked at her, on the verge of breaking. The silhouettes of the roots below me were quietly wrapping its thick bodies around me—urging me to fight back. “Isn’t this too much, love?” The bite coiled through my words.

“Nothing is ever much when it comes to you. I just had a simple instruction for you and you couldn’t even get it right! Where’s the steak I want?!” She gasped.

The waves turned the other side and I knew this would come. “Oh my god. You gave the steak to your mistress.” She whispered.

I sighed—from this, repetition, and all. “Love, why did we go beyond from here?”

“I don’t know.” She was lost. She was starting to get air when flames ignited inside her eyes, again. “But answer my question! Why did you bring the steak to your mistress?!”

I closed my eyes in response.


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