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She would not be around anymore, but that was okay. I was fine with it. Nothing was wrong about it, actually—everything was normal. I would live my every day without her; no big deal.

“I won’t return after this. We’ll settle for good there. I hope our one day comes.” She smiled and, no, my lungs did not constrict.

“Sure,” I said. “Here.” I tied my favorite black shoelace on her wrist. She looked quizzed so I added, “Whenever you need someone.”

Her lips trembled. “Thank you.” She walked to me and embraced my soul. The shoelace tied on my own wrist rested against her shoulder as I hugged her back.

And I just let a tear from my eye slipped.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you’ll read a lot from me. If you ever feel the need to give me some writing advice, do not hesitate to reach me through my “Contact” page. All the best love, my dear.

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