101words.org, Thank You for the Faith!

Just earlier, I received a really great news about one of my writings. 101words.org has published another piece from me! This is just mind-blowing!

Down Under
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I want to honestly tell you that my struggles in believing that my writings can be understood by some, if not almost everyone, are an everyday battle. I wake up, embracing the rush of ideas before jotting them down. When I come up with a story that I feel will speak for the ideas, my confidence in my own writing begins to fall. Yes, it is hard but I know I have to conquer them.

This, this means a lot to me. Not because there’s a chance that I’ll be known by others, but the thought of the editors of this page that they would publish it means that, somehow, they believe in my writing. And nothing is more blissful than that thought.

So to Mr. Shannon and Les, thank you! Loads of thank-yous! I never would have done this without my faith in God (and God, himself), to every person who breathes and believes in my writings, who helps and aids me, and especially to every person who keeps trying to pull me down. Without all of you, my writing is a void.

So, I guess I am inspired by the people who love to bruise me and drag me into their own deaths. Honestly, they are one of my sole reasons in writing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! And to you who are reading this, thank you!

Matthew Burgos

let me hold your words before you leave;

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