What To Do During Rainy Days (Thoughts)

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Black silence can cause an unsettling sensation in us. It gives us a notion to anticipate for something vicious or startling. Tons of today’s people usually prefer ‘white noise’ as their background music over a very quiet space. It is rather believed that it eventually soothes and calms our insides. In the Philippines, July is filed under the ‘rainy season’ of the tropical weather system of the country. It will not come out as a surprise if we find out that during these times, people unleash their unbeknownst side.

Rain is not for everybody, but it settles in how we see it. The sweet-sounding and caressing hymns of its taps might be a crashing and clashing cymbals for others. Science and self-knowledge can tell you that weather affects a human’s mood—I definitely agree with this.

It will be a good thing if you take the opportunity of the rainy days to contemplate. Since heavy rains—or even the light rains for others—will force you to stay at home, widen your options of what you can do while you wait for current to lighten. I cannot shove my suggestions to you; what I will do is to share with you the things I do whenever it rains and you can try to do at least some of it.

These are some of my very short fictions.

1. I Write. It is these times that my inner writing lords open the gates of full-passion. The picturesque view of the gray skies and wet lands set my mind high—it fills my mind fuel to drive to write. There is something about the tunes of the rain that pushes me to create much realistic stories. When this season fades and I get back to these writings, I take up ideas from it and think of a twist to write it like it is my first time to get this idea. This hobby of mine actually aids me in my future.

Sweet Talker
‘Sweet Talker’ by Matthew Burgos
Red Bursts
‘Red Bursts’ by Matthew Burgos

2. I Paint. I am not the master-type, but rather the childlike craft-maker. I use watercolor and a sketch pad. I just dip my brush into colors and press a stroke into the paper. Usually, I deal with human emotions, but I open myself to other genres. Symbolisms are my painted words in this method. I want you to take note that paint whatever that is you want—as long as it is personal, no one can define your art (in contrast to projects and assignments).

Vain by Fisher Amelie
Vain by Fisher Amelie — Re-reading

3. I Read. I set myself in a soar when I do this. I feel like I feel the fictionalized world—its nature and its characters. It warms me and it accompanies me to my blues. To add the warmness, I prefer to read New Adult.

Which Witch
I’m so into Florence + the Machine that sometimes I find myself obsessing over them.

4. I Listen to Music. These times, my brain functions sharply. If I indulge myself with Indie bands, I usually get euphoric from their lyrics. It heightens my experiences and logical thinking. Sometimes, it makes me shed tears, but with Indie songs, it will always be a part of it.

Lipton Tea
Lipton Tea!!!

5. I Drink Coffee and Tea. Definitely both. I often put an extra shot in my coffee for a stronger taste and soak my tea for another few minutes for a more bitter taste. For me, anything that is strong—for hot liquids—tastes better and makes me feel good. Both drinks cause to shake my senses.

You might think that I have given you a few options and I should tell you that the rest is for you to figure out on your own. Believe it or not, these five things that I usually do during rainy days take me hours to finish or to get bored. I try to always find something appealing or new to the things that I do and it refrains me from boredom.

I truly take advantage of the rain. To be honest, it makes me feel wiser—it understands me better than myself. I love it like I breathe it and I hope that, eventually, you will too.


Thank you for reading this story. If you want to talk about random things with me, do not hesitate to reach me through my “Contact” page. All the best love, my dear.

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