Be Nice! (Thoughts)

I’m in my Sophomore year in College and let me tell you that my Freshman year has given me a lot of lessons to take—and I’ve put them in my head, don’t worry; I just forget the others, sometimes or, unfortunately, often—and the one that quite stand-out is this: Be Nice.

Yes, everyone, Be Nice. I hope you will hold on from here. I will share my experiences during my Freshman year, but I want to use the pronoun “you.” For the feels, I guess.

When you go alone for the first orientation where you will meet your subject-mates, classmates, or block-mates for the first time, they’re going to judge you and you’re going to judge them no matter what so, Be Nice. Keep it all in your head and smile. Talk to them politely and don’t start aggressive. They might be the Lion when you’re the Wolf.

When you eat together and, unfortunately, they put you into spotlight and say words that aren’t necessary, Be Nice. Take all the hurt and pain, and learn from them. From here, you’ll feel who to know better and who to just leave until they die without you.

When you meet someone’s eyes and you don’t know them, Be Nice. Smile at them even if they don’t smile back. Who knows, in your stay they might be your friend at one point (happened to me, so…)

When you’re given a task you don’t like or you don’t know how to do, take it and Be Nice. A challenge is a good battle and self-improvement. Love it and own it, even if it kills you. You’ll kill it soon, anyway.

When you’re doing a group project and you want to punch every member because you think you are all doing it by yourself, Be Nice. Check if the problem is with you as you tend to take it all in and not delegate. Check, as well, if you’re in the right standing and try to ask them nicely—even if you’re already plotting their deaths.

When someone’s asking you a lot of questions about anything and it is starting to annoy you, hold it and Be Nice. Carry your poise and answer them business-like to reduce the personal side-value and it will end soon. Don’t ever try to act interested but try to truly listen to their words; you might get something helpful, but if not, just try to make up the words they’re saying.

When people isolates you in times when you need them the most, Be Nice. Trash the ‘understand them’ line and just finish the job, even if you think it’s unfair. If someone asks you who did it all, say that you all did it. Guilt trip is an amazing ride, remember.

When you are being bullied, stand up and Be Nice. I know it affects you so hard you can’t focus, but you have to swim against it. You have to stop dwelling from it because it does nothing to you, but sadness. In the first place, why would you put your time in it when you can do more productive activities? Besides, bullies have a lot of insecurities (like me, I’m such a bully); so, be proud because you have something they don’t have and hone it to be at its best. But maybe not too proud.

When the professors are giving you the hardest of the damnest time,—some are taking it too personal—Be Nice. Stop complaining and start doing, even if you pray to the Lord that He should take your professors. Remember, we learn from them; we just think what they say is pointless probably because our pride won’t sleep.

When you want to get angry or complain so bad you want to bang your head to the nearest tree and drag someone by your car, slap yourself and Be Nice. Anger and complains will do nothing; you can keep it all in yourself but use it as your fuel. It helps.

When your grades don’t reflect to what you have done, ask the professors why and Be Nice. Even if you want to scream, “I’m the only one who did this!” or “This is so unfair!” or “I have passed all our quizzes, projects, and assignments!” or “I got a high grade in our exam!” or “This is bullshit!”, zip your lips and mouth. It will only make things worse, let me tell you. Instead, ask your professors if you can do anything about it or show them your proofs like your grades from your activities. But if you really don’t deserve it and you just try to pretend you deserve it, my god just buy yourself a milkshake and do better next time—study hard with no excuses.

When you can’t handle anything and you start to cry, just stop and Be Nice to yourself. Just relax for a while before you get back to it again; give yourself some credits. Optimism and prayers will do wonders so do it. Stop being so negative, I can see your black spirit rising above your head.

When you can’t take the opinion of others but they still shove it in your throat, smile and Be Nice. Take their points because it might help you, one day, or just let it all out from your ears, if you think you don’t need them. Just genuinely beam and thank them for the words, even if in your mind you are sewing their mouths with their own words.

There are still a lot of things to tell but these will have to do. Remember to always smile, always thank people, pray a lot, think positive, and Be Nice. College is a living hell, but you have to fight the battle–and, well, Be Nice always. You don’t know anyone and it is better that you learn and carry your good values with you.

These are just my opinion (and maybe I’m shoving it into your throat) but it doesn’t mean that you have to follow it. I’m just pointing out that you have to Be Nice all the time—we all should be. And even if it will take a lot of time to be it, it will sure as hell help us when we get further.

So, Be Nice.

Share your stories with me and comment below! Be Nice, everyone!

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