Matthew, Help Me: How Do I Become A Prominent Writer?

I want to be the Samaritan who takes out his good book and tells you, “keep writing for the day will come!” But as a gift-wrapped demon, I will tell you: wake up – you will never be a legend in writing.

It is the ‘why’ that bugs me whenever I come across on thoughts involving expertise in writing. Is writing a competition that everybody longs, dies, and desires to win? If this is the case, I would have won 300 awards already for “Writer Who Did Not Meet the Standards.” As long as we take the perspective of writing into such, we will lose its essence, purpose, and art.

Go and ask yourself, “Why do you write?” Maybe the cliché answers – believe me, I still have them – are still acceptable but I know, inside and swelling, that these mainstream responses are not your true thoughts on the question. I write because it is my release and my relaxation; but I write because I want to expose the unabashed fantasies I have that I crave to happen in reality. If you have searched and found your own answer, you will soon be writing yourself in the paper. If you will only trust me, there is no better writing than writing from you.

The query on legend writing hangs as to the reason of no shares or likes occurred, readers scrolled down and passed through your story, and/or nobody actually cares. How do we measure prominence in writing? Will it be through the aforementioned situations? I hope not. The greatness of writing lies on how personal it is for you – that you write it because it is a part of your memory you want to keep on replaying or an unforgotten piece of yourself molding you still.

Constructive criticisms will raise you; but if you willingly rush with the words bestowed by others on you about your writing at all times, you will be delivered in an ocean of faces you pretend to be. Maybe one day you will win an Oscar for Best Writer/Best Actor.

Learn from the wisdom of your colleagues and other writers – they deliver the best mistakes created yet the best decisions chosen. Read words – call it written by a three-year old or your favorite author – and grip their nature; form what you want to say and how you want to do it with your findings.

Prioritize thinking and ‘feeling’ as secondary – get your head straight before you muddy yourself. Logical approach might possess more gratifying stories than just sensing what you want to deliver. Let your personal self flow in your story – why will you hide? It is your truth, anyway!

Expect a certain connection with your readers. You write and publish a story enough for you to trust the eyes of other persons [besides your biased family and friends who think you write gold every single time]. When you broadcast a story, you put the balance of power in your and your readers’ hands. It is a gift of give and take in writing.

Will I call the hate and dislikes of the readers a signal that I should not write anymore? Well, yes; if I am a weakling who cannot filter food of improvement from nobody-wants-you-to-write dish. But I have a steel head and stubborn mouth – they both speak aloud, “never!” Take it all in and give your sweat a run in taking time enhancing your written stories through my previous thoughts [maybe]. Nobody hails a run without bruises and scrapes.

If you define ‘mastery’ as someone who has never, ever written a ‘the previous one is better’ piece, then bid me your condolences as I have died from the literary world. But if your thoughts speak that it is just the ease in determining what you need and have to do when writing, then may all the best gratitude lies in your heart.

I speak to you that writing is an art and I apologize for breaking this to you, but nobody becomes a master of a timeless art – only a descendant.


Thank you for reading this story. If you want to talk about random things with me, do not hesitate to reach me through my “Contact” page. All the best love, my dear.

let me hold your words before you leave;

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