Lonesome Delight (explicit)

this story contains mature content;

from https://thenext5yearplan.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/34b0bd6a9c4abeaa2e7a14d5d6f4bce6_view.jpg

Perch on the sofa – below the heat of the cold night – I touch myself; stroking the hard ridges of my bones – an elevator. Euphoric nostalgia stuns the desperate mind of my head. With my other hand busy, I stroke my body – the beauty and the narcissism; clashing and crashing the contrasted lines of my sanity. I am alone in my rich apartment – overseeing the bright glow of the city lights beneath. I continue – programming my own sell show in front of the two young teens catching a glimpse from the balcony across my room.

Bare and rigid, I walk outside the balcony – unabashedly toying with my tool. I rub and stroke, friction of heat arousing. I hold the cool touch of the metal railing and gaze into the eyes of the spectators. Tents build up from their own bodies. Becoming the dirty little secret we all keep, they start rubbing themselves as we watch one another fuck our own bodies.

I feel dirty.

I feel used.

I feel abused.

I feel ecstasy.

I feel addiction.

Fuck, yes, I am beautiful.

Swirl of pleasure stirs inside my body – it is heightening; flames engulfing my broken insides. It is such a lonely night for my heart to be so sad – I deserve delight. I close my eyes, grasping the paradise I have created. I shudder and moan and become frustrated trying to find my own release. It is such a melancholic feeling touching myself without you.

So I think of you as I watch the two teens replicating your presence.

My body I push to the edge of dreamscape. My breaths are coming short and my physique is shaking – trembling for everything of what we seem to be: a one-night stand, a secret, a forbidden meeting, a public escape, a voyeurism, a filthy excuse, a trophy replacement, an anything between pretentiousness and wall-fucking.

Such an uncalled expectation when hot, white drops spurt from the head down to my stomach; five more. I lose my sanity as I look at the climax of the teenagers convulsing from craving before my eyes. The slick salted cream drips to down to my legs as I empty the sweet trips of my minutes.

All I want is to feel you; to lend me the amount of love I spend with you.

Once again, I have acted it when you cannot give it.

I loved and fucked myself as I looked into the two pair of young eyes while I thought of you.

Fucking foursome.


Thank you for reading this story. If you want to talk about random things with me, do not hesitate to reach me through my “Contact” page. All the best love, my dear.

let me hold your words before you leave;

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