i use green tea to beat rejection letters…without tips or reasons. thoughts.

pieceAt 10 in the morning last Monday, I finished my 800-word story and submitted it immediately to a literary magazine site [who responds within a week of submission] with only one run-through; yes, I have submitted a draft with small kisses.

I know I should’ve edited it first or let it grow for days, but my impulsive streak kicked in [again, my god] and I could not stomp it down. I’ve felt that the story would fit the magazine’s taste – how wrong I was, let me tell you, when I received the rejection letter from the Editor.

Nothing’s better in waking up this morning than an email stating, ‘We hope you have success publishing this piece somewhere else.’ That’s my cup of coffee, right there. Don’t get me wrong because I love rejection letters [especially with sugary-natured personality] – it might falter my ambition, but, nevertheless, it sparks a drive in me to write better the next time.

My problem is I don’t know why I got the rejection in the first place.

It’s not that I’m a master of this craft, but if I should improve my ‘piece’, I should know what are the flaws of my story. Editors have mountains of stories to read, I know, but it will contribute a great [and massive] help if they will include the reason why they rejected the piece, and [some] tips how and where to tweak it.

I have submitted to a number of publications, and I received this kind of rejection letter to most of them. What makes me cringe is the clueless thought I have on my story: where do I begin?

Maybe it’s not the [literary magazine] Editor’s job to give out the reasons and tips. Maybe this is my misconception. Maybe I’m pained and hurt from the rejection. Maybe my story really sucks.

It will definitely help, though, if you can include ‘your characters are flat the whole time’ in your ‘unfortunately, this piece was not a right fit for us.’

As I re-read the email for the nth time – still hoping there are helps somewhere or between the lines – I fire up my water dispenser, and wait for the hot water to be ready. I grab my personalized mug with a ‘You Can Do It!’ print and fill it with hot water before I tear the package of my green tea and soak it inside my feelings.


Thank you for reading this story. If you want to talk about random things with me, do not hesitate to reach me through my “Contact” page. All the best love, my dear.

4 thoughts on “i use green tea to beat rejection letters…without tips or reasons. thoughts.

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  1. 😔 But we have to believe the right opportunities will come! I send stuff to some sites, and none of what I write seems to be good enough too. But I still keep trying. 🙂

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    1. I believe you! I have never stopped trying, but I will often doubt myself [although it is faulty; still]. Our writings will grow, one day, and the sun will see it through. Let’s keep writing! Thank you so much! All the best.

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