be strong for your death. (flash fiction for aspiring writers).

by Sonya of Sonya with the blog, Only 100 Words

“Mother, it is truly a good season this time! Look above and see the treat!” Her daughter’s beam makes her lungs constrict. She almost drops the truth behind the structure.

“What do you see, Daughter?”

“It is a giant chocolate wrapped in a green film. Mother, that is what my Educators have told me. I wanted to boast about how you were part of the making – you were the head of this project, right, Mother?”

Her knees unnoticeably buckle and her eyes gleam with tears. “Yes, Daughter.”

The System has ruined the City – they want to feed the Next Generations with lies through their Educators until the time they die. The System has said New Generations will only destroy the world; they shall meet their peaceful death before we do.

The tank bomb is scheduled to explode the day after tomorrow – the Elders will depart the City tonight.

“Be good, my Daughter.” She kisses her forehead – for the last time.

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


Thank you for reading this story. If you want to talk about random things with me, do not hesitate to reach me through my “Contact” page. All the best love, my dear.

30 thoughts on “be strong for your death. (flash fiction for aspiring writers).

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      1. i actually thought about today’s youth — how they differ from the past. the daughter need to be killed because she is a part of today’s youth — the ones who will destroy the culture and memories of the past; of who we were, once. the Elders want to preserve these and the only way they know is to disintegrate the New Generations [today’s youth]. 🙂


  1. I have thoughts of ‘The Giver’ and the books which include Allegiance which is coming to the movies. Real dystopian stuff. The world has gone wrong and the Mom can’t even take her daughter with her. She is leaving her to die. It breaks my heart. Well written in so few words.

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    1. thank you so much! i have always adored destruction and, might as well, put it in words through the help of the prompt. it surely breaks my heart, as well, but it seems she has her decision, already. thank you so much! your words are golden to me. all the best!

      Liked by 1 person

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