i try to peel off your touch from my skin with the rain.

ShowerMy fragmented lips shed thick red blood as your rugged palm vigorously kissed my cheek. A blur in my vision occurred and I stomped down the bile soaring in my throat. You clutched my jaws and ordered my fading eyes to see you violate me.

Every weekend, this had been my duty—a payment for the debts my Father left behind before he crossed mountains without packing us with him. If I bravely open my mouth or decline, another hit of death will follow; this time, it would either be my Mother or my little Sister.

My legs grew weary from thousands of penetration since this morning—it sat lifelessly beside me as you repeatedly thrust inside me. I could feel you everywhere—the satanic touches you had induced upon my fragile bones. You marked me as your own property—a slave only for your body.

I felt relief when you groaned and paused—the white fluids of your demonism crawled out from my swollen center. I convulsed uncontrollably for seconds as an uninvited climax hit me—it earned me a punch this time. The rage in your eyes was obvious—I apologized if I was not able to join you with your release.

You snatched your sharp dagger. I repressed a scream as the silver tip sunk into the middle of my chest—the gap between my two sagged breasts. If I yelled, I knew you would cut my lip.

This was my punishment for crying as you pummeled into me.

With a calm voice, you demanded that I took a shower. My unstable feet and wobbly knees were determined to reach the bathroom—my only precious way of forgetting you.

I gently closed the door and turned to the mirror. The reflection was the ghost the present possessed—no more traces of the past.

The tune of the shower brought serenity into my ears. My body slightly relaxed as the warm water hit my battered skin. Quietly, I cried—for every lost dream I should had and every gained pain I should not have. I scrubbed my body with a stone—mindlessly allowing the rough texture to add more cuts—just to try to remove you from my sacred ground.

But you stayed and I became your prisoner.

My body met the floor as I fell. The rain started to get cold, doing its best to soothe me, but it would always be dark inside me—a soul without a light. Sometimes, I wondered what would happen if I completely allow darkness to rule my life.


Thank you for reading this story. If you want to talk about random things with me, do not hesitate to reach me through my “Contact” page. All the best love, my dear.

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    1. I usually play with them–like what can possibly and oddly match it. Other times, I hear it in the coffee shops, while eavesdropping, as I sleep, when the ride speeds away, and anywhere, really. A pair of sharp ears and a playful mind, I guess. 🙂 Thank you so much! Your words mean a lot to me. All the best!

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