Matthew is a Galaxy


Once, the Creator gave a lovely couple a boy who did not know the path he wanted to take. His eyes just opened and the rays of the sunlight met his skin and vision. His smile and laugh made the lovely couple’s heartbeat running fast.

Years have passed. The boy finally knows his tracks. He has turned into someone who believes that heaven will ever meet the hell. The boy falls under the spell of the darkest nights, giving his pen a power to destroy wondrous farewells. He adores the paradise of death, heartbreaks, and, in the shortest term, sorrow.

Writing is his oxygen, the dark mist that fills his fragile lungs. He will never abandon writing. If he does, he’ll just suffer the true death.

The lovely couple does not regret he is born. Instead, their eyes will always have the glint of light. Of course, the Creator does not think about his decision as wrong. Just “it could have been better”.

Today, the boy’s pulses do not rest; not even for a minute. His mind always delivers full-time imaginations to his veins, urging him to write it down. And it seems, forever his heart will be tainted and his mind will possess the darkest things.

So, keep writing, enjoy reading and do the daydreaming!

– Matthew Burgos


33 thoughts on “Matthew is a Galaxy

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  1. I like how you say you can never abandon writing–that it is one of your homes! I am right there with you. Even in the tumultuous year of my student teaching and first years in my own classroom, I couldn’t abandon fiction. Perhaps it even helped me to survive. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Ms. Michellejoycebond! Writing fiction really helped me to survive even until today! 😀 I think it would torture me if I abandon it. 😀

      Thanks again, Ms. Michellejoycebond and Happy Holidays! 😀


  2. ‘Writing is oxygen.’ That’s a wonderful idea, and one to which I can relate, being that I often find the need to put pen to paper. And I love the notion of being permanently supplied with material from your own mind – how it works its way into the veins. Writing is, for some, truly a part of the person: mind body and soul.


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