to death.

I turned off the bedside lamp. The darkness cast its sorrow along the walls of the room, but I ignored the pain I had. I sunk my head on the pillow and it molded to an embrace. I swam into my insomniac sleep and after thirty minutes, I jolted to gasp for breath. It was... Continue Reading →

wintry rivers;

The haze of lust glistened our eyes with expectations. With the lights off, the illumination of the moon crawled onto our indecisive faces from outside the big window beside us and became our only candle. Our almost naked bodies were inches apart, yet we could not seem to mend the distance. My fingers toyed with... Continue Reading →

his art of intimacy; (daily prompt).

A pleasurable intrusion became his godly success. For every flick of his poisoned tongue over the virginal lips below a little lady’s secret enamored his hunger. There were no rules for the bottom, but a connected fist on the cheek for a scream and an unfazed drill for a whimper. Every sound should only cause... Continue Reading →

while she was asleep; (daily prompt);

Some nights, I would wake up with a dire need to lick the flames—to sacrifice my dignity for a drop of flesh blood. It happened again tonight, but you were there to satisfy my need. I ran my heated fingers over your cold body and you jolted. “What are you doing?” you whispered with lust... Continue Reading →

Dark Room (Daily Prompt)

"You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room." - Daily Prompt --------------------------------- Sugary flicks of molten vanilla engulf the dark room. It is not the caressing aroma, but the wild and loose fragrance – almost a sudden death if taken beyond prescription. I cover my nose, but the destruction... Continue Reading →

Into the Halloween (Daily Prompt)

"Let’s imagine it’s Halloween, and you just ran out of candy. If the neighborhood kids (or anyone else, really) were to truly scare you, what trick would they have to subject you to?" - Daily Prompt ---------- “Trick or treat!” This is the 23rd call from my door this night; I am starting to like... Continue Reading →

Becoming; Become (Daily Prompt)

"Many of us had imaginary friends as young children. If your imaginary friend grew up alongside you, what would his/her/its life be like today? (Didn’t have one? write about a non-imaginary friend you haven’t seen since childhood.)" - Daily Prompt ---------- We had to grow apart before we grew. It was in our nature – we both... Continue Reading →

Electronic Door Lock (Daily Prompt)

"Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Write about a time everything did — fiction encouraged here, too!" - Daily Prompt ----- It was a newly-installed lock and I was having a tough time figuring out how to memorize the pass – the installer told me it would take him three... Continue Reading →

Try Falling for the Third Time (Daily Prompt)

"What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?" - Daily Prompt ----- I could feel your frustration hovering over my head. I could not blame you. “Why is it so tough for you to accept this?” “It never failed to disappoint me…” “Why do you... Continue Reading →

A Call From Someone (Daily Prompt)

"Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind." - Daily Prompt He received a call from someone, saying they have his daughter. He immediately grabbed his jacket, phone, keys, and gun. He started his engine and... Continue Reading →

All This and Heaven Too (Daily Prompt)

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Final Trio." All This and Heaven Too by Florence and the Machine was blaring from the speakers of my music player. I stood before my bookcase and wondered why the books were not as aligned as what I did to it last time. I moved The Opportunist... Continue Reading →

Wanting (Daily Prompt)

"Which do you find more dangerous: wanting nothing, or wanting everything?" - Daily Prompt “Hey, Matt, what would you like: wanting everything or wanting nothing?” I looked at Jared. “Well, what would you like to have, first?” He touched his chin before he smiled. “I want everything! Just imagine? You will get to have everything!... Continue Reading →

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