I live in the yacht now after my second week of stay. It started when Georgina—or is it Laney, I forgot—called me to tell me she’s pregnant. I packed my bags and took a vacation. I left my Captain in the station. I wanted to be alone and not hear another story about his lovely... Continue Reading →

some terrible signs; (flash fiction for aspiring writers).

Since the numbers on the white card rolled to death, I could only live with the decision I had chosen through the use of my breasts. I could remember the red tears from my mother’s eyes and the thin cuts, but loud echoes of disapproval from my father’s mouth when I split my skin apart... Continue Reading →

the voyage without returns; (flash fiction for aspiring writers).

In our modern city where the people could not travel any longer, we grew together. As our 18th birthday gift, the President handed our Teleportation Bottle—we could only use it once. Whisper the country, not names, and we would be there without returns. I saw two figures in the night as I approached your house.... Continue Reading →

the last travel; wonder, wander. (flash fiction for aspiring writers).

I still wonder how you can convince me to travel with a wanderer like you; are you not exhausted yet? Perhaps not. “The Golden Gate Bridge will be my last stop... for now,” a snicker from your lips; what a weak voice you have now. “I’ll buy us tickets, then.” “No. Paint the bridge on... Continue Reading →

the black tattoo. (flash fiction for aspiring writers).

I sat on the velvet skin chair before the empty space of the Victorian-styled event. I rolled up my right sleeve to check my initiation tattoo—an intricate black ink forming dragon scales and its tail. I would be different the next day. Last week, when my mother shot me in my head for my dead... Continue Reading →

let me know the date of your burial. (flash fiction for aspiring writers).

It only opens every midnight, but nobody knows about it. You are very fortunate if you pass by the secret house with its blinking neon sign. Beside the circular door, the Guide sits with tickets between his burned fingers. Do not scream once you see his face—he only has one, black eye and nothing else.... Continue Reading →

an acquaintance. (flash fiction for aspiring writers).

“When the water dies, the pavement swells. It is the excuse of our flourishing faults. Our ignorance lives and the moss covers the cold stones. The sunrise sleeps and the dusk wins. In the matter of choice, we only have the option to surrender—we do.” I stand before the landscape of your painting. You have... Continue Reading →

the red is his blood. (flash fiction for aspiring writers).

As I made a left turn, I noticed the bright shade of red upon the skin of the bench; the stand has the plain color of white to tame the luster of the tones. I asked my helper to paint it that way. I remembered red was your favorite color and white was mine. I... Continue Reading →

search for me. (flash fiction for aspiring writers).

The locket has been wandering since the last time it freed itself from the suffocating grasp of the owner. I could not blame myself for continuously searching for it when it was all I had, now that she was gone. At the age of 92, I still believed she would return and keep her promise... Continue Reading →

a dead body with a breathing brain. (flash fiction for aspiring writers).

I hear heavy footsteps, slowly ascending towards my direction. I cannot see who it is, but I can feel and hear somebody. Is it a guest from my hometown or a returning visitor? The velvety caresses of the gentle fingers shake my bones. The person is not an outsider, after all. “I missed you last... Continue Reading →

be strong for your death. (flash fiction for aspiring writers).

“Mother, it is truly a good season this time! Look above and see the treat!” Her daughter’s beam makes her lungs constrict. She almost drops the truth behind the structure. “What do you see, Daughter?” “It is a giant chocolate wrapped in a green film. Mother, that is what my Educators have told me. I... Continue Reading →

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