don’t leave your cigarettes. (poetry).

ten cigarettes in a paper box. no other scent, but yours; the flavor to breathe in. 11 o'clock strikes, my fingers shake. your lips fit around the end of the first stick. second stick. third stick. fourth stick. fifth stick. my breath breaks, my words falter. your eyes kiss the color of dusk; your features,... Continue Reading →

the final fall. (poetry).

the leaves knelt, not near, but close; enough for the sweeper to sweep without distraction. the closed windows broke-- splintered glasses made the winds blew. the frames of photographs-- dressed in white, clothed with tuxedo-- vibrated; almost slipping from the tears of the table. two silver rings; one covered with rusts. the way we wanted... Continue Reading →

december 32. (poetry).

let's pretend curling pink lips between the dark spaces of the sleepless night, a humming. clothed with your dress, my sweater over your head. itching fingers -- parallel -- graze the skin of the other; blood and fireworks. don't sleep while the moon is out or you will be forbidden to the fiction you're part... Continue Reading →

when your picture flashes into my head.

speak my name of a hidden paradise; here are my shadows sitting for tickets to come. keep in your pockets my fluid words for your travel to one-way grip of massive temptations. my naïve hands hold your false hopes. return without returned. beneath the hollow sun, i smoke the memories when we were dying because... Continue Reading →

Meet Me. (A Poetry)

beyond the boundaries of what we know, beneath the covering of who it should be, over the existence of how we feel, across the rivers of oaths and vows, under the holy ground of wedded fingers, between the in-between of whispers, among the crowded room filled with false pretenses, beside the dreams of our nightmares,... Continue Reading →

Pass the Cigarette Smoke (A Poetry)

pass the cigarette smoke your lips were holding and let me devour the aftertaste of your sad, sad lungs. breathe out the red trembles of your venomous tongue and let me feed my soul with your interrupted promises. i saw your broken teeth from where i was standing and i felt nothing at all. i... Continue Reading →

Last Breath (A Poetry)

the exorcised tremble of your hands against my cold, blue cheeks is under the shadows of the bright, white moon. our lips are almost touching, both rough and textured from our raw sensual encounter earlier. with our eyes wide as we let the dark smokes in, we released a rustling thought. hooo. hooo. hooo. three... Continue Reading →

Whisper (A Poetry)

whisper. it is the breath between two, fleshy lips; the rattle of the lungs, the gruff of the voice. whisper. it is the secret of the night; the hidden shadows nobody wants to find out. whisper. it is the echoes of the danger; filled with blood, lust, and frustration. whisper. whisper. it is the forbidden... Continue Reading →

Flames Against My Skin (A Poetry)

when the flames cover my skin, i swim to the ocean, then back to the shore before i remember i have left my soul behind. standing stripped in the eyes of the afternoon’s glazed touch, i breathe my own failure and cling to the last piece of hope i have. look at me, i am... Continue Reading →


I will skip salutations because I don't need it here. As we almost all of us know, April is considered as the National Poetry Month. I was thinking yesterday that words with dark auras are not given enough attention due to fear of its truth. Today, I invite everyone to start and share your confessions... Continue Reading →

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