sandalwood candle.

It is past midnight and you are out here, somewhere far from my reach, but still around the neighborhood. Perhaps riding your bent bicycle, I am not sure. But you gaze at the stars, chin up to avoid the tears from plummeting to your cheeks (yet they still do), counting the endless lights above. Tonight,... Continue Reading →


In the echoes of somebody else’s name, you sang the holy praises of your woes. His merry hands clouded your lips, your cheeks, your tears, and your rips until he sank his dear hands into your lungs to take your heart. But your breath did not falter; it crippled to bliss, instead. How many days... Continue Reading →

to worry.

To worry is to bite your nails and to look afar, while someone tries to tell you something, but you cannot listen. To part your lips and breathe uneasily, but unconsciously. To imagine thousands of worse scenarios, not knowing when one of these would happen. To compensate yourself by assuming the best scenario would happen.... Continue Reading →

lost traveler.

He exchanged again his afternoon break of cigarette for a cup of black coffee. His day of reincarnation loomed and he would soon lose his memories, strand by strand. But before it could happen, he wanted to remind himself of her, as long as he could. She used to come at the same hour and... Continue Reading →


We were only ten fingers apart, but they could not turn into a grasp. As I dived into your eyes, the lost sea of your reflection carried a gray cloud of thunders. The blue water spilled from your lips, locking the words you wanted to speak. I tried to close your lips with mine, to... Continue Reading →

to death.

I turned off the bedside lamp. The darkness cast its sorrow along the walls of the room, but I ignored the pain I had. I sunk my head on the pillow and it molded to an embrace. I swam into my insomniac sleep and after thirty minutes, I jolted to gasp for breath. It was... Continue Reading →

a return from my post.

It was just ten in the evening, but you were already sleepy. You stretched your body in the middle of a yawn. You rubbed your eyes with grace, donning a sleepy grin. I let you sleep, even if I did not like it. I let you go, even if I did not want to. When... Continue Reading →

pabalik mula sa akin.

Kahit alas-diyes pa lang ng gabi, inaantok ka na. Inunat mo ang iyong katawan habang nasa gitna ka ng iyong hikab. Dahan-dahan mong kinusot ang iyong mga mata, dala-dala ang papatulog nang ngiti. Kahit ayaw ko pa ay pinatulog na kita. Kahit hindi ko pa gusto ay pinauna na kita. Kaya pagsapit ng alas-dose ng... Continue Reading →

the sunset dawns.

She grips his hand as he withers away. The liquid that flows in the transparent tube stuck in his vein stops. His face tilts to her way and she sees his lips twitch. But he does not squeeze her hand the way she does. The nurses flock in a hurry, checking his vital signs in... Continue Reading →

her letter to.

She holds the blue pen between her wrinkled fingers and sways the tip on the paper to form the letters. Of her worries to the man who believes her failures are the beauty of her flaws. Of her answer to his question, ‘when will you answer?’ Of her response, after a long run, of ‘yes.’... Continue Reading →

where is that classmate? | :: thoughts ::

So today nobody attended the class except me. I was hoping for this classmate to suddenly barge in the class (because he’s always late) so I wouldn’t feel the discomfort. But it was past the waiting time and the dread started to set in. To others, this is an opportunity to interact with the teacher... Continue Reading →

1997 in his 50s. | :: thoughts ::

Last Thursday, I turned 20. I woke up with a renewed sense of energy as if I hadn’t felt it before. It scared me to think there was something wrong about the spontaneity of my genuine excitement for the day. I looked forward to treating myself with a gift, but I kept having the reaction... Continue Reading →

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