the sunset dawns.

She grips his hand as he withers away. The liquid that flows in the transparent tube stuck in his vein stops. His face tilts to her way and she sees his lips twitch. But he does not squeeze her hand the way she does. The nurses flock in a hurry, checking his vital signs in... Continue Reading →

her letter to.

She holds the blue pen between her wrinkled fingers and sways the tip on the paper to form the letters. Of her worries to the man who believes her failures are the beauty of her flaws. Of her answer to his question, ‘when will you answer?’ Of her response, after a long run, of ‘yes.’... Continue Reading →

where is that classmate? | :: thoughts ::

So today nobody attended the class except me. I was hoping for this classmate to suddenly barge in the class (because he’s always late) so I wouldn’t feel the discomfort. But it was past the waiting time and the dread started to set in. To others, this is an opportunity to interact with the teacher... Continue Reading →

1997 in his 50s. | :: thoughts ::

Last Thursday, I turned 20. I woke up with a renewed sense of energy as if I hadn’t felt it before. It scared me to think there was something wrong about the spontaneity of my genuine excitement for the day. I looked forward to treating myself with a gift, but I kept having the reaction... Continue Reading →

to one hundred.

I tore the plastic wrap suffocating the designs. I spread the tiny glow-in-the-dark pieces on the unmade bed. As I inhaled the fading sweet scent coming from the blue sheets, my skin collapsed through the strands of lucid dreams we made. In the car drives at midnights, I would roll down my window and place... Continue Reading →

bitter coffee.

He sits on the floor before the tall windows of his penthouse apartment as he waits. He breathes the sugarless scent of his black coffee and sips on his cup. Its bitter taste burns his throat, reminding him of his own situation. He watches the clock’s hands move and counts the hours before her return.... Continue Reading →

whispers and some home.

In the dark room, I sit in the center and surrounding my naked body are the four walls with empty insides. My eyelids are shut, but I am aware of the vibrations, of the whispers brought by your sugary throat. There is a plague in my head, but I let it sink its teeth into... Continue Reading →


The state of mind I hate the most comes when I have no one else to think, not even you. The dread and its power suffocate my mind until the last breath I have would tell me to lie on the bed and sleep it all. But I want to feel the nothingness; I need... Continue Reading →


She snaps her fingers, but I don’t hear it—I pretend that I don’t hear it at all. She insists with thirty-three snaps and I turn to her with a bored look, but I am annoyed. She tells me I’m doing it again, zoning out when I talk to her. She says I should just answer... Continue Reading →

a blind, young man.

Jojo slings his arm around Maria’s neck, but she wants to lock her fingers around his. He speaks into her ear, a tickle in her heart; the song she listens to whenever she has the chance. If she can sleep beside him at night, just to reassure him that everything will turn out fine while... Continue Reading →

the state of numbness.

In a black and white scheme, she filters the world. She only sees what she wants to and blurs out the rest. She tattoos her skin with her flaws, the lovely tree design on her back, sheltering her spine and the scars she hides, and she does not share every story she has with somebody... Continue Reading →


The night falls in its most deceptive form and the cold breeze of the air passes through his window, down to the dancing curtains. The light of the moon sifts to the cloth until it illuminates the dark space of his bedroom. On the bed, where the white rumpled sheets linger, he lights up his... Continue Reading →

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